Kitchen Remodel

October 21, 2019

I started this project for some very good friends of mine thinking they wanted a little paint and hardware. Little did I know, they wanted a whole new kitchen! It made me so happy to be able to start from scratch on this kitchen to really make it what they wanted! So, I am going to walk you through this project so you can see what we did to give them the bright and clean kitchen they had requested.

Here is a before shot. This is how they purchased the home. *Funny Fact: The location of the dishwasher was so close to the range that you literally could not open the dishwasher without hitting it! #designfail

First we had a consultation as the house to go over what they were looking for. Here I asked them about colors, functionality, their must haves and their "I would love if my kitchen had..." Then I go to the drawing board and come up with a layout and source all the material. I present it, and once they confirm that's what they want, we start DEMO!! Demo is one of my favorite days, you can see below, we ripped everything out and it's now a blank canvas!

Then, we have all the subs in to bring the kitchen back to life. We put in new flooring, new cabinets, relocated the appliances in an appropriate spot, new counter, sink, and faucet. We added a neutral backsplash to add some warmth to their bright white kitchen and boom, you have a brand new kitchen! Below is a picture of the final product. 

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